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Adding wire to wings

Adding wire to wings

Embroidered applique wings can have fine florist, jewellery or sculpture wire sewn underneath to give structure & support.

Insert the end of the wire into the end claw, this can be secured with a little epoxy glue, use a pin to insert it into the claw & let it set.

Secure a stitch next to where the wire comes out & whip stitch wire to back of wing claw.

dragon wings tutorial

Whip stitch, picking up small even stitches, continue following claw lines.

 Use long nose pliers to bend the wire to...

Embroidery applique

Embroidery applique

Sew butterflies & bees with a few stitches to secure the body between the wings, then use stitches at the points of the wings to hold in position.

My embroidery studio

My embroidery studio

Welcome to my studio

Briar roses & bees

I make free standing lace flowers, leaves & more

Spring garden with bees

Bees, butterflies & flower appliques embroidered on polyester organza,
cotton voile, silk organza, & other remnant & up-cycled fabrics.

Blue butterflies & roses

I make 2D & 3D embroidered couture elements available to dressmakers
& creative folk who want something beautiful & unique.

Butterflies & leaves