Embroidery applique

Embroidery applique

Applique care & information

My embroidered appliques are embroidered on remnant, vintage & up-cycled fabrics, using wash away stabilizer. They are rinsed out in hot water, then washed again to remove residual glue. Then they are died flat on a towel & hand cut out.


Some appliques have iron on backing to make them to help set them in position before sewing down permanently. Use baking paper to press with an iron into position.


Some appliques don't have an iron on backing as they can be used to create sculptural texture.


Sew butterflies & bees with a few stitches to secure the body between the wings, then use stitches at the points of the wings to hold in position.
Sew crystals or beads in the center of flowers, catch down leaf & petal tips with long & short stitches in a matching colour.

 Pin wings into place, sew neatly beside main embroidery at center & points. Extra crystals, beads or sequins can be added, sew through to garment for strength.

Sew safety pins on the back of wings in 3 places (follow behind main embroidery to hide pins) so your wings can be put on different garments & taken off for washing.

When washing items with embroidered appliques, put item in a laundry bag & use a gentle cold wash, spin & drip dry out of direct sun. Lightly press using baking paper to prevent scorching or damage to embroideries.