Art live in the wild

Art lives in the wild

Homelessness is a reality too many in the Northern Rivers are facing.

This is why I've made my basic tipi pattern available for free, it can be made in waterproof canvas or in calico or cotton sheeting & waxed with beeswax & gum turpentine which smells divine (oil will rot the fabric)

In wet seasons I would head west to sandy country to camp. Always make sure you have lots of firewood near your camp, often I was given a paddock to camp in & cleaned it up from being a fire hazard in dry times. 

In a tipi you are never homeless, & it is a great environment to create stability for children, they may wake up in a different camp, but their home is the same.

The download is free but goes through my cart so don't worry, there is no hidden fee, once you check out the file is available to download & will be emailed to you as well. Much love to all the new nomads, I hope this helps you if you have to live under canvas. Whatever life gives us, there is always a way to do more than just survive & to live comfortably

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