My friends the Faeries.....

My friends the Faeries.....

Over the Rainbow & far away.....
There is a festival every year in the little village of Nimbin in the Northern Rivers NSW.
Over nearly 30 years it has evolved & I have been involved with costume making for the parade over that time, mainly for friends in the Ganga Faeries.

Ganga corsage

Every few years we have a marathon sewing workshop to create new pieces.
I used to call it Project Runway on drugs, but these days.....
It is always hectic, as there is no time, in the week or two before the festival
for the amount of travel it takes to get around our rough mountain roads.
I usually organize a stay over & a steady flow of tea & bikies sees us sewing late into the evenings.

Sewing table

Up-cycled formal wear, jewellery, bling, patches & appliques.......


Then this happened..........
wow, a different type of "stump work" embroidery.

Cannabis couture

Putting wings on a Faerie.....

Fairy wings

My patches & appliques have evolved over the years.
I first made them because one year, none of the Faeries could draw a cannabis leaf, lol,
so I had to make a template for them to trace, eventually I digitized some of the leaves.
This year I was asked to make heads & buds, especially some with seed,
as all Faeries know they are very important.


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